Local Orders

We accept Bank Transfer, PayLah!, Paynow or PayPal

Bank Transfer

  • Choose 'Bank Deposit' as your mode of payment at checkout.
  • I-Banking or ATM transfers (SINGAPORE ACCOUNTS ONLY) to the designated DBS account number provided to you upon checkout. This account to transfer to is unique to you in order to update the status of your order. Therefore, please do not transfer to other accounts. 
  • If you made payment to the correct account, your order should be automatically confirmed within an hour of payment. If not, please contact us at:
  • You have 48 hours to bank transfer the exact amount of your order will be cancelled automatically. 
  • Where the actual price of any product is dependent on its weight ("Weighed Item"), we will provide an estimate of the price based on indicated weight and our current prevailing rates at the time of checkout. The actual weight and related price of the Weighed Item will be made known to you at the time of delivery and:
    1. In the event of any shortfall in payment, we reserve the right to charge you for the additional amounts; and
    2. In the event of any overpayment, we will reverse or refund the excess amounts paid for such item in accordance with our prevailing refund policy at the time of delivery.
    3. All product prices are shown in Singapore dollars. Prices of products may change from time to time and any promotional discounts or offers may also be withdrawn at any time without notice.
  • Payment for all orders shall be made in Singapore dollars

PayLah! or Paynow

  • PayLah! or Paynow to 98068886 

Pick Up / Self-Collect 
We will drop you a message to your mailbox after we scheduled for the collection.


International/Overseas Orders

• We accept only Paypal for all our overseas orders.

• Are there any additional charges when I choose paypal as a payment option?
You do not have to worry about additional charges. The total amount that you will pay is the amount stated when you check out.

• Paypal charged me an additional USD1, what is happening?
If it is your first time using your card on paypal, paypal charges a USD$1 to your account. This is a temporary authorisation charge. An authorisation charge is a common method used to validate that a credit card is active and available for online payments. 

Depending on the card bank, the charge will remain for anything from a few minutes to 30 days before being released back to credit card balance. If the authorisation charge remains on the card after 30 days, buyer will need to contact the card issuer. This USD$1 charge is by Paypal and not charged by TheLemonLand.

• My checkout page won’t load. What do I do? 
You can try refreshing your page and reloading it. If it still does not work (on Facebook, Chrome etc.), try using another browser.